Flipping Components with the Flip Tool

written by Zack Hall


A common operation that we use in SketchUp for woodworking is to move and then flip components. So take a table leg, for example here, we can press M for move control or ALT on Mac for copy. And then move this some length down.

And then we might want to flip this too, so that we have the leg facing the correct direction. After moving, we need to orient this leg in the right direction. So in Sketch up Pro 2022 and all previous versions, you would right click select, flip along, and then you would choose the right axis that you want to flip this along. In this case, we select the component's red and that will orient the leg in the correct direction.

However, here we are in Sketch Pro 2023 and they've changed things around a little bit. So we can do the same thing to create a copy of the leg.

So press M for move and then press control or ALT on Mac for copy. And then move this leg some distance down. But you'll notice when we go to write, click this, there's no option to flip along.

What they have done is they've replaced this with a flip tool. And so this makes things a little bit easier because it gives you a little bit more visual indication. So the flip tool can be found over here in the toolbar.

It can also be found in the top toolbar here. If you're not seeing it in this extended, you can go ahead and right click and just select large tool set.

But let's select our component and then select the flip tool. And then you'll notice it gives us these different planes. And so this will allow us to select which access that we want to flip this component along. So in this case, uh, to replicate the behavior of SketchUp 2022, we go ahead and click the red and then it will orient our leg in the right direction just as we had before.

This will also work with multiple components. So let's duplicate these legs for the other side, suppress M for move and then control or on Mac for copy. And let's drag these down some distance.

And then we want these to be facing the opposite direction now that they're on the opposite side of this table. So we select our flip tool again. And now we select the green, and now we have four legs that are all facing in the correct direction.